Use Cases
Student Coin will launch its core use cases after a successful IEO and STC ecosystem preparation. This will include the full launch of the STC Terminal, STC Exchange, and STC App. We have, however, cr

Applied STC Token utilities allow to:

  • Vote the projects’ development plan;
  • Allow students to sign petitions using STC as the blockchain proof of identity;
  • Access to the premium investing and trading workshops;
  • Create the first complex blockchain educational panel;
  • Educate students about asset trading and exchanging;
  • Create the multi-university system for the internal and external value transfer;
  • Create a new international cryptocurrency research cooperation;
  • Integrate the students from different schools and regions;
  • Integrate student clubs and organizations.

In the main phase of the utility launch, at the end of 2021, STC token will allow to:

  • Create the dedicated university tokens based on Student Coin;
  • Create personal tokens;
  • Create corporate tokens;
  • Create Startup tokens;
  • Create organization tokens;
  • Trade STC-based tokens at STC Exchange;
  • Perform the fundraising for organizations and projects at STC Exchange;
  • Perform the fundraising for the university-based startups at STC Exchange;
  • Tokenize the basic utilities and university life expenses;
  • Build the close-knitted blockchain research society;
  • Fund the student’s charity projects;
  • Fund the student’s research labs;
  • Use Student Coin in the student clubs fund governing;
  • Use Student Coin as the currency for online lectures and webinars;
  • Use Student Coin as the payment option for the tuition fees;
  • Use Student Coin as a unified currency for Erasmus and other exchanges programs.
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Applied STC Token utilities allow to: