STC Token distribution
Student Coin tokens are based on two blockchains: Waves blockchain to easily introduce students into the world of crypto and perform the airdrop at low costs, and Ethereum, with ERC20 standard. Only the ERC20 STC will be listed at exchanges and used in the further development of the project.
All the people that received STC at Waves blockchain, can easily swap the Waves Student Coin token into the Ethereum blockchain via our Waves-ETH bridge with a 1:1 ratio. In the long run, when the Student App will be ready, and we will be able to sign up students in our mobile application, we will completely resign from the Student Coin Token at Waves and burn all the STC there. We are committed to list and launch only the ERC20 version.
The current supply of STC tokens is almost fully locked at the foundation wallets, due to the long term development plans, and neither team nor our partners received more than 2% of the total supply.
Check the Student Coin's Ethereum-Waves Bridge - STC Swap
Check the detailed distribution in Student Coin Whitepaper
Last modified 11mo ago
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