STC Token details and Tokenomics
Student Coin [STC] is a utility token for the whole STC ecosystem. Its utility is mainly based on the amenities provided by blockchain and reflects the fundamental assumptions of the technology, such

Student Coin Token information:

Student Coin
Ticker Symbol
Launch Date
Maximum number of coins
10 000 000 000
Number of decimals
Token Type
Standard ERC20 + Waves

Student Coin Ethereum and Waves solution

Student Coin is currently operating at two blockchains – Waves and Ethereum, where ERC20 standard is the core of the project. The connection of Waves and Ethereum is currently necessary due to the extremely low costs of transactions at Waves and easy in use wallet in the form of Waves Exchange App. The swap of the tokens from one chain to another is available via our Ethereum-Waves bridge, which locks the exact amount of tokens and holds the correct circulating supply. The strategic wallets, created by the Student Coin team are corresponding to both blockchains. Student Coin at Waves is also burnable, which will guarantee the option to fully switch to the Ethereum blockchain in the future.