STC Token Application Features
After the successful completion of Phase 5, we will be able to launch the STC Terminal, STC Exchange, STC App, as well as integrate the STC Educational panel with the whole ecosystem. It will mean that STC token will be fully applicable as:
Reference currency – at STC Exchange all users will be able to perform crowdfunding and trading of their STC-based corporate, personal, and organization tokens. The crowdfunding and trading will be made only in STC Exchange which will make STC as the measure of the value, and token mirroring the sum of all the STC-based tokens capitalizations.
Profit/Revenue sharing – after the successful launch of the STC Exchange, where only STC-based tokens will be traded, some part of the fees collected will be paid as a weekly dividend in STC Tokens for holders corresponding to the amount of the STC they are holding.
Payment for services/products – to access the premium options at STC Terminal, like extra token utilities, advanced token creation, or airdrop performance, users will need to pay a small fee in STC, so STC token will work as the fuel for the STC Terminal.
Quiz rewards – in the ecosystem users will also be able to earn small amounts of STC by correctly completing crypto quizzes. This feature will create an incentive to learn about crypto assets and blockchain technology. Currently, airdrops are also performed to promote the project and gain Group 2 – academia-related users.
Voting rights – as currently launched in demo mode, users will be able to govern the main decision of the STC ecosystem development via STC voting, as well as sign petition and proof of their university membership or identity (if KYC will be applicable).
Moreover, with the development of the STC Terminal, users will be able to create their own payment tokens and custom utilities.
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