STC Token Ecosystem and its utility
The current global education is facing several problems due to the COVID-19 pandemic, adaptive digital transformations as well as lowering quality of learning. Student Coin fills the gap between one of the world’s biggest markets; education, digital transformation, and blockchain-based technology. It allows for the creation of dedicated tokens, educating about new technologies, and using crypto assets in daily life.
In short, the Student Coin ecosystem will be divided at STC Terminal, STC Exchange, STC Educational Panel, and STC Mobile App, where each platform fulfills a particular ecosystem’s needs.
The major utilities created by the ecosystem divided by the platform:
1. Student Coin Educational Panel (
  • Provides high-quality courses about blockchain, crypto assets, new technologies, and investing;
  • Will help in promoting the tokenization and crypto assets usage on the wider scale, at universities, and in the online education sector;
  • Will become a complex guide to crypto assets utilities, usage, security, and investing;
  • Will assist in building the cryptocurrency market relevance, security rules, and community-friendly for every user.
2. Student Coin Terminal (preview on will allow to:
  • Create manageable Personal Tokens;
  • Create manageable Corporate Tokens;
  • Create manageable DeFi Tokens as Student Loans, Business Loans, or Business Bonds Tokens for verified issuers;
  • Create manageable Startup Tokens;
  • Easily manage, airdrop, and utilize tokens- in the same easy way as social profiles at Facebook.
3. Student Coin Exchange (preview on will allow to:
  • List all tokens created at STC Terminal;
  • Perform crowdfunding for Startups and businesses via their STC-based tokens;
  • Perform crowdfunding for DeFi tokens as loans and bonds;
  • Participate in funding and investing in personal tokens.
4. Student Coin Mobile App will allow to:
  • Store all tokens created at STC Terminal;
  • Use tokens created at STC Terminal in daily life in activities as payments and rewards claiming;
  • Vote, check the identity and use tokens in the VR.
  • Help Student Coin to position itself in a news industry;
  • Coinpaper will be used to promote STC ecosystem;
In conclusion, the utilities of the entire STC ecosystem are divided into 5 platforms and will create a comprehensive tool for educating, introducing, and issuing tokens for everyone.
The full range of utilities is described in the Student Coin whitepaper.
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