Core Team
Student Coin Team consists of 38 active members from which we have formed the Core Team, General Team, Advisory Board, and Ambassadors Team.
The Core Team consists of 9 full-time members actively developing the project.
The General Team consists of 12 members helping in the development of the project part-time, usually focusing on a detailed task.
The Ambassador Team consists of 11 people representing Student Coin projects at the top universities and usually sustains our contacts with student organizations and unions.
The Advisory Board consists of 6 experienced members, that are involved in a project on a daily basis, supervising the strategic, technological, legal, and business matters.
Student Coin Team is mainly constructed by people from Poland, which corresponds to 27 out of 38 members. The rest of the team is from the United States, France, Vietnam, Australia, Russia, and the Republic of South Africa.
What is more, the Student Coin Team is unique in terms of affiliation, representing 17 universities, including the: Kozminski University, New York University, Stanford University, University of Oxford, London School of Economics, University of Warsaw, Maastricht University, Imperial College London, Warsaw School of Economics, ESADE Business School, University of Kent, University of Glasgow, University of Melbourne, University College London, Lund University, and the University of Glasgow.
The following lists represent all of the Team Members, function, affiliated university and important links as LinkedIn.
Core Team Information
  • Chief Executive Officer and Founder – Wojciech Podobas – Affiliated to Kozminski University, Cryptocurrency Research Author
  • Chief Technical Officer – Hugo Dutka - Affiliated with University of Warsaw
  • Chief Marketing Officer – Daniel Bihun - Affiliated with Kozminski University
  • Chief of Operations– Cezary Tabota - Affiliated with Kozminski University
  • Vice President – Peter Barbachowski - Affiliated with Kozminski University
  • Business Development Manager – Michael Kozuchowski -
  • CRO – Jacob Kozakiewicz - Affiliated with Kozminski University
  • Public Relations Manager – Maciej Dejneka - Affiliated with the London School of Economics
  • Chief Legal Officer – Maya Synowiec - Affiliated with Kozminski University
  • Head of the International Marketing – Adam Czumaj - Affiliated with the New York University
  • Customer Service Manager – Pawel Rakoczy - Affiliated with Maria Curie-Skłodowska University
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