General Questions

What is Student Coin?

The tokens will be widely used shortly of the global economy. Student Coin is a blockchain-based project that builds the world's first platform for the easy tokenization of people, firms, startups and finance. With the Student Coin people and organizations can create their token, build their brand, and manage its utilities.
Student Coin builds the STC Terminal that allows for the establishment of any token without programming knowledge. With STC Terminal everyone will be able to create the following types of tokens: personal tokens startup tokens organizational tokens corporate tokens DeFi Tokens (Decentralized Finance) NFT Tokens (Non-fungible tokens)
The tokens created with the Student Coin will be freely traded, crowdfunded and listed at STC Exchange - the advanced investment platform.
You can read more about Student Coin, its mission and utilities in its whitepaper.

What is tokenization?

Tokenization is a process of issuing a token for an organization, person or other set purposes. A token can work as a share, be a payment currency or become a unit packed to a debt or loan.
The technological research suggests that tokenization could be the next revolution after the introduction of the Internet. The tokens give wide possibilities for firms to perform crowdfunding, for people to decentralize their loans or for projects to decentralize voting. Student Coin would like to become the biggest platform for this revolutionary wide-scale tokenization.

What is STC Exchange?

STC Exchange is a Student Coins's exchange where STC-based tokens will be traded, crowdfunded and staked. At STC Exchange people will be able to perform crowdfunding for their loan, fund their startup or invest in some promising tokens.
The listing of the STC-based tokens at STC Exchange will be free, STC Exchange will work as a normal exchange with STC Token as the reference currency and dividend unit.
STC Exchange is being developed at exchange.studentcoin.org

What is STC Terminal?

STC Terminal is a tool to allow wide-scale tokenization. With the STC Terminal everyone and every firm will be able to create tokens and manage its long-term utilities. STC Terminal will be strictly connected to the STC Exchange.

Why is the name of the project "Student" Coin?

Similar to Facebook, Student Coin started at one university and spread as the platform for students. During the first six months of the development, Student Coin with its STC Token reached over 500 universities around the world and set up partnerships with many academic organizations. Currently, Student Coin is also available not only for students, but for everyone and every firm - and its utilities are much wider.

Can I invest in Student Coin?

Yes, you can invest in the STC Token - the core of the Student Coin platform. The STC works as the reference currency for STC-based tokens, gives dividends from STC Exchange and is collected during the crowd funding.
To read more about the STC Token check the Section 2 of the FAQ.

What is the difference between Student Coin and other projects?

Student Coin started as an educational and university-based project. The Student Coin aims to build the long term solution for the real fundamental values of blockchain - that is wide-scale tokenization.
Student Coin connects education about blockchain, the rapidly growing sector of tokenization and long-term vision of the development. These three factors will make Student Coin the next big thing.
To read more about Student Coin competition check the documentation.

Why is my university not listed in the network?

Currently, Student Coin supports students at over 500 universities. We are reaching universities that have potential Student Coin Ambassadors to help in the project development.
The full list of universities is available here.
Yes, We are operating as a fully regulated Ltd. company under the European Union law and regulations.
You can check the detailed legal information about Student Coin in our legal documentation.

How can I join the Student Coin Team?

Currently, we are looking for Student Coin Ambassadors and team members according to our careers section. Please apply via the form here.


What is STC Token?

STC Token is a core of the Student Coin platform. The STC Token is being traded at exchanges and can be purchased during the STC Launchpad ICO. STC is a blockchain-based secure utility coin that has real fundamental value. Student Coin aims to develop the STC in the long term to become the next big cryptocurrency.
STC Token operates at two blockchains - Waves and Ethereum. You can check the full technical information about the STC token in its documentation.
You can read about the detailed utilities of the STC Token here.
What is the fundamental value of the STC Token? STC Token has a range of utilities that are based on the real blockchain utilities. Mainly, STC will be used by investors to: receive a dividend from fees at STC Exchange (via staking) trade every of the STC-based tokens, as STC will be the only reference currency invest in all the crowdfundings performed at STC Exchange Decentralize Loans of DeFi tokens issued with STC Terminal Pay for the NFT Tokens of the Student Coin NFT store Pay fees for premium options at STC Terminal and many more
You can read about the full STC Token utilities in the whitepaper.

Where can I buy STC Token?

Student Coin can be purchased during the STC Launchpad ICO at the Launchpad website. We strongly recommend to use the Launchpad website as the investment medium due to its security and liquidity.
You can also invest in STC at exchanges that already pre-listed Student Coin. Currently STC is supported at:
📈 Kucoin
📈 Uniswap
You can check the detailed listing scheme in our Roadmap.
What is the STC contract address? The current STC Token ERC-20 contract address is 0x15b543e986b8c34074dfc9901136d9355a537e7e
The current STC Token Waves contract address is 7vKWBS2uuiz6rgLfh5z17hA6ktjYUKkfV9nZfDMJBuQR
How can I swap STC from Waves Exchange to the Ethereum blockchain? You can easily swap your Waves-based STC Tokens to the ERC-20 version using the STC Swap.

Why do you plan to perform STC Token fork?

To make the STC code accessible and easy to understand, the current version of the STC Token at Ethereum blockchain was built at the beginning of the project in an open-source template. Soon we will perform the fork of the code to decrease the transaction fees and apply some more advanced utilities.

Is STC Token minable?

No, STC Token is premined and is distributed according to our whitepaper. You cannot mine STC.


How can I get STC branded clothes?

The branded STC clothes are currently available only for STC Ambassadors and Team Members. Soon we will launch the STC brand shop based on STC-based NFT Tokens.

Can I use the Student Coin brand?

Student Coin puts time and resources into its intellectual property. We currently do not license rights to use the Student Coin brand to third parties we do not have a business relationship with. To receive permission to use our branding, please contact us.

Can I use the STC symbol?

The STC Token symbol is open for everyone and it can be used accordingly to our Terms of Use, and with relation to the project. Affiliates can use STC Logo during the advertising.

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