Users and community
Among Student Coin users we distinguish between standard crypto community users and those coming from academic areas.
All marketing campaigns and statistics are divided according to the Student Coin user group as we want to maximize the results. To build the fundamental value for the STC ecosystem we have assumed the two main groups of users:
  • Group 1 - Standard crypto community users, who are present as a part of the community in every cryptocurrency project. Most of them are investors and people that are familiar with cryptocurrencies, they focus on holding Student Coin for investment purposes, community-based airdrops, and contests. They raise awareness about the project, deliver equity for the growth, and build a group of loyal “core” users.
  • Group 2 - Those users are unique for the Student Coin. It is a whole academic community built by students, alumni, and faculty from supported universities. Most of these people are new to cryptocurrencies and never held any token. With the Student Coin Sign Up form that was active in 2020, such users were able to create their first token wallet, receive STC as their first asset, and use Student Coin Educational Panel to learn about blockchain, new technologies, and crypto assets via This group of users is extremely significant as it promotes the blockchain-based ideas in the important social group- the students, as well as acquires new loyal users, to which Student Coin is the first crypto project.
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