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The most important Student Coin's weblinks
Token and Tokenomics
    Student Coin Github Repository and Token information, Tokenomics:
    Student Coin Github Repository for Waves-ERC20 Token Bridge
    Etherscan Page:
    Student Coin database of Waves-based wallets:
    Student Coin database of ERC20-based wallets:
    Student Coin Coinmarketcap prelisting
    Coinpaprika prelisting
    Coinbase Info prelisting
    CoinGeco prelisting
    Uniswap listing (without MM)
    Waves Exchange listing (without MM)
    CoinTiger listing
    Student Coin Telegram Group:
    Student Coin Telegram Channel:
    Student Coin Facebook Page:
    Student Coin Twitter:
    Student Coin LinkedIn:
    Student Coin Discord:
    Student Coin Instagram:
    Student Coin Medium
Media Coverage
    Digital Journal
    Publish 0x
    Crypto Adventure
    The Capital
    Crypto Exploit
    Crypto Folds
Web Pages & Language versions
    Home Page
    STC Launchpad ICO page
    STC Terminal
    STC Exchange
    Korean Language version (beta)
    Chinese Language version (beta)
    Japanese Language version (beta)
    Sign Up Page
    Voting Page
    Supported Universities list
STC Educational Panel Sections
    Educational Panel website
    Introduction to Blockchain
    Blockchain Utilities I
    Blockchain Utilities II
    Current Market Trends
    Cryptography and Mining
    Taxes, Law and Crypto economy
    Cryptocurrency Wallets I
    Cryptocurrency Wallets II
Crypto Assets Library
    Student Coin Quiz
    Ethereum Quiz
    Ripple Quiz
    Bitcoin Cash Quiz
    Litecoin Quiz
    Tether Quiz
    Chainlink Quiz
    Binance Coin Quiz
    Cardano Quiz
    Bitcoin SV Quiz
    USDC Quiz
    EOS Quiz
    Monero Quiz Coin Quiz
    Tron Quiz
    Stellar Quiz
    Tezos Quiz
    Neo Quiz
    Unus Sed Leo Quiz
    Cosmos Quiz
    NEM Quiz
    Polkadot Quiz
    Dai Quiz
    Huobi Token Quiz
    Iota Quiz
    VeChain Quiz
    Binance USD Quiz
    Dash Quiz
    Theta Quiz
    Zcash Quiz
    Uniswap (UNI) Quiz
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