Target Industry
The major industry targets: Education and Tokenization
The target industry of the project is Education, one of the fastest-growing industries in the world according to “Global Online Education Market - Forecasts From 2020 To 2025.” It is noteworthy that there are no reliable and comprehensive projects covering the gap between universities, and education as a whole, in the current crypto assets market- that gives Student Coin a leading position.
The wide-scale tokenization, promoted by Student Coin, university-based Partners, as well as students involved in the project, could also transform into mainstream usage, similar as it happened with Facebook and social media profiles that were firstly available only for students. Currently, they are available to everyone. Hence, Student Coin also assumes that after a successful launch in the global educational sector, the STC-based tokens may transform into a mainstream service. According to a Coinbase survey, over 18 percent of students owned cryptocurrencies in 2014. The number is estimated to be way bigger now. 48% of the world’s top universities now offer at least one course about crypto or blockchain. Students from a range of majors are interested in crypto and blockchain courses, while universities are adding them across a variety of departments. Those factors indicate that the demand for blockchain and cryptocurrency related products is on the rise. The need is still to be fulfilled and Student Coin aims to do it comprehensively by reaching enthusiasts of digital assets and offering blockchain based traditional utilities.
There are around 200 million university students, 1.5 million faculty, and 25.000 universities in the world. Our target group involves also millions of student clubs, experts, and entrepreneurs who would eagerly get involved in projects related to education tokenization and blockchain technology. Each entity creates our target industry both as an individual and as a unity. This is why Student Coin will have great potential in the future crypto assets market.
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