STC History and background
The Student Coin story is different from other crypto assets and presents the development of the real fundamental and idea-driven project started at university.
It started at the beginning of 2018 as an idea to create an educational token for Student Investor’s Club “Kapitalni” at Kozminski University in Warsaw. The first token named “ALK Student Coin” was created and distributed among club members and university students in December 2019 and January 2020. The first goal of the project, which was launched without a website or whitepaper, was to work as Bitcoin in 2010-2014 when people used to give some part of BTC to each other just to try how it works in practice.
From the first day of our university email campaign, the project was appreciated by many and 100 ALK Student Coins were sent to hundreds of holders, initially being designed only for one Student Club. After the successful launch, and following discussions with Kozminski University President, our team decided to spread the project into more institutions. ALK Student Coin reached students from 60 major Polish universities in an initial two-month partnership campaign.
After reaching the first 2000 users from 18 countries and 200 universities at the end of April 2020, and having 100% of them as students and professors, we started comparing our project to the beginnings of Facebook, when social media was spreading from university to university. We removed “ALK” just as Facebook removed “The” to improve the branding. There was one crucial problem. We did not have a fundamental value besides the marketing and educational idea. Subsequently, we created a website and started preparing an educational panel, where students were able to learn about principles of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and cybersecurity.
After that, we have connected to our friends at most prominent world universities and recruited first team members from schools like, London School of Economics, or New York University, widening our network and marketing up to 200 international schools and reaching 6000 users. Despite the swift development, we were still only educating the new generation about crypto assets, therefore we decided to ask people what they actually need regarding the blockchain technology. A lot of our Partners and student organizations noted that the establishment of their own tokens, as we did it with our club at the beginning, would help them in crowdfunding, preparation of the student club’s project, and governing.
We decided to design an ecosystem that will allow every organization, student club, corporation, or a single individual to launch a token and easily manage it in our STC Terminal, backing it with a solid education and knowledge needed to introduce into the crypto market. Currently, our ecosystem and designs are being upgraded every day to construct a comprehensive tool that will help in the blockchain revolution.
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