Market Competition Insights
Fortunately, the sector of education, and the connection between universities and blockchain-based technology, is not competitive in the current market. Most of the crypto projects are focused on transaction technology, smart contracts, dApps, while the education sector is dominated by the Student Coin.
There are, however, few projects that can compete with Student Coins in some particular sectors of the ecosystem, or seem to have the same target group:
  • Bitjob (currently an extinct project) – a dead token that aimed to create the decentralized marketplace for students; Student Coin competes with BitJob only in terms of SEO.
  • Algorand – academically-backed project created at the top world universities, however, Algorand mainly focuses on the development of its own blockchain technology and smart contracts, while Student Coin aims to build the ecosystem for tokenization and education, hence only the involvement of the people connected to the top universities is a similarity;
  • CampusCoin (currently an extinct project, commonly called The Student’s Cryptocurrency) – it was a project focused on fast private transactions that could connect schools with the idea of DAO;
  • BC Diploma – project aims to store diplomas and certificates at blockchain, it is a competition for Student Coin in terms of the storage of academic data – (Phase 7 of the STC development), however, it is a very small part of the STC ecosystem that will have other main goals to fulfill;
  • Tutellus – a platform to create dApps and smart contracts for educational institutions as universities and platforms. The current aims of Tutellus development do not compete with ours, but both projects operate in the same sector;
  • ODEM – a first decentralized educational platform, the project that aims to create a marketplace for courses and students. This venture also works in the same sector, however, solves completely different needs.
Regarding the non-crypto competitors, Student Coin connects the world of blockchain-based technology, tokenization, and standard education.
Currently, there are no projects that would like to fill this gap, however, some possible initiatives may arise at universities that would try to tokenize themselves. Hopefully, our development plan is flexible and easily switchable to fit into any market situation and works like the real decentralized educational ecosystem.
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