Business Model
Student Coin has a disruptive business model. It is focused on creating the educational ecosystem and platform for tokenization with STC as the reference currency.
Student Coin attempts to create an ecosystem and a platform for tokenization, which will maximally benefit from the application of tokens. The whole project is based on the fundamentals and accrued value of the native, digital STC token and the real, unique solutions that can be provided by blockchain-based assets.
The STC token will power the STC Terminal, grant access to the full educational panel, and work as the main reference currency at STC Exchange - where only STC-based personal, DeFi, NFT, startup, and corporate tokens will be traded. The value will be taken from setting the STC as the only reference currency for STC-based tokens, which will cause its value to grow with the growth of STC-backed assets and further community growth. The major mechanism of the value proposition can be compared to international trade, where local currencies are appreciating with the increased demand for locally produced goods and exports.
Moreover, the world’s education is struggling with digital transformation. Education is a defined market that grows year to year and creates sustainable demand, without big macroeconomic swings. This is why we fully focus on the long-term and stable development of the project and the flexibility of our STC ecosystem.
We aim to revolutionize the world of education by implementing blockchain technology and creating tokens for everyone. Cooperation with academic institutions is key to the wider use of tokens. Internet and social media went mainstream due to the involvement of communities from the top world universities, with a similar path currently being experienced with the Student Coin.
We would like to achieve all our goals through the stable and deliberate growth of our project, consistent with the progress made in the last two years. For the Student Coin the plan to launch Launchpad ICO is the natural consequence of the sustainable development of the project.
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